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Betting Bible - Football Betting 'Syndicate'

What is the Betting Bible Syndicate?

Who makes up the Betting Bible Syndicate?

How does the Betting Bible Syndicate select the bets?

Performance of the Betting Bible Bets


What is the Betting Bible 'Syndicate'?

The Betting Bible 'Syndicate' is a group of bettors that pool the various backgrounds in mathematics, professional gambling, and football, and produce free information for the general betting public on English Premier League bets on a weekly basis, including betting positions taken by members of the syndicate.


For an example of the type and style of information provide, feel free to review This week's latest tips.


Who makes up the Betting Bible syndicate?

Individuals within the syndicate prefer to remain anonymous, in particular given how pro-active bookmakers can be regarding the closure of successful gambler's against, however some syndicate members' experience include: Professional Poker player, Ex-professional footballer, UEFA qualified football coaches, BScs and MScs in Mathematics, Applied statistics, and Actuarial sciences.


The Syndicate is only a syndicate in the sense that ideas and bet selection pricing models and statistics are shared amongst syndicate members. No money management takes place by the syndicate.


How does the Betting Bible Syndicate select the bets?

Without giving too much away about the edge the syndicate is able to maintain, the syndicate combines the skillset of the quantitative and statistical research by the syndicate analysts, with the understanding of the influence of tactics, match importance, and fixture congestion offered by the fundamental football research team, to present a number of bets to the bet selector panel.

The syndicate adopts a value betting strategy to generate a return of typically 25% of bankroll per season.


Please visit the Value Betting section to gain a better understanding of Value betting. Betting Bible does not recommend following the tips provided without understanding the fundamentals of a value betting strategy.



Performance of the Betting Bible Syndicate

The syndicate targets an average 5% edge (in probability terms) on each of the games bet on. Over the course of the season, this translates to a target return of 25% on starting bankroll.


Return on bankroll target is calculated as:

Expected number of bets x Average stake as % of bankroll x Average edge

150 x 3.3% x 5%


External validation of the performance of bets is not required, since you can review the tips provided each week to ensure that the performance reviews are accurate.


The final Syndicate bets are not always exactly the same as the bets discussed in the weekly email given the changes in prices that occur during the week, however, in order to maintain transparency of the syndicate bets and performance, all syndicate positions are disclosed via Twitter on gamedays.


For more info, please get in touch at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Alternatively, leave your email address in the Sign up box to the left, and see the free tips for yourself. All we ask for in return is that you signup to the bookmakers using the links provided on the site.


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