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Sports Arbitrage - Top 6 ways to NOT get limited by bookies

If you decide you want to start arbing, and invest some time and money into understanding the theory and getting some good quality arb software, then the last thing you want to do is get limited by bookies instantly. This will ruin your chances of running a successful arb operation.

You need to PATIENT and SMART with how you place your bets, as well as actually picking the right arb opportunities as they arise.

In short, if you’re in it for the long game follow these 6 basic principles:

  1. DON’T instantly deposit large sums of money
  2. DON’T instantly take winnings out of your account
  3. DON’T constantly bet on peculiar, illiquid markets
  4. DON’T bet the maximum amount
  5. DON’T bet non-whole numbers. If your calculator says £24.68, but £25!
  6. DON’T make more than one side of the bet with the same bookmaker.

You will still get limited by some bookmakers, as they are hot on arbers, but this will keep the number to a minimum.

Note – these rules do NOT apply to exchanges such as Betfair and BETDAQ, as all they are interested in is matching up backers and layers, and they take a commission. Also, Pinnacle Sports tends to defy these rules, and is essentially unheard of to get limited by them. Which is good, as they are generally on one side of your arb, as their prices are so tight.

However, bookmakers in general do not people taking advantage of sports arbitrage and ‘beating the system’. They make the market, and see this as a service you deserve to have to pay for in the price. As such, they will have manual checks, software checks etc, to identify patterns in your betting that imply you are taking advantage of sports arbitrage. It is within their rights to not accept bets from you. So even if you can think of a perfectly valid reason for depositing a large sum of money, or betting on more than one-side of a market, logic isn’t the argument here. You are trying to get limited by the bookmakers. So do whatever you can to pass undetected.



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