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Useful Spread Betting websites

There are plenty of useful sites out there to help you with other general spread betting questions, but how to know which ones are the most reliable is a bit of a nightmare, so below, we've listed some of the best sites for finding out more about Spread betting, trading, and investing in general.

General Spread Betting information

IG Index - The horse's mouth so to speak. Plenty of useful information about spread betting from beginner tutorials, to more advanced technical trading analysis and charting. Just be aware that's obviously not independent, so come back here for independent views on comparisons of other spread betting company offerings.

Spread Betting Glossary (Betting Bible) - If you haven't found what you're looking for in our spread betting education sections, then don't forget to try our glossary, which is full of spread betting terms, and general investor jargon that people in the industry like to shorten to 3 letters to make your life more complicated.

Investopedia - One of the oldest and best investor education tools around. Lots of educational information on the investment industry as a whole, so always a useful place to look if you want to understand more about a specifc investment term, or topic.

Wikipedia - Still a great resource, particularly to get an overview of spread betting topics, general investment topics, and even historic events that have impacted the investment industry.

Google Finance - Free stock price graphs, news items, indices (such as FTSE-100, FTSE-All share, DowJones etc) all part of the service provided to you by your search engine.

Spread Betting Beginner - Useful information site about the key things you need to know about Spread betting and Technical trading, with a friendly forum community and input from the site owner. 

Other useful financial news sites that will help your CFD and spread trading experience:

Bloomberg and Reuters - Lots of news stories impacting the full suite of financial products. Not the same when you don't have a subscription, but a worth keeping an eye on to get the latest headlines.

ftalphaville and Zero Hedge - Two of the best blogs around from specialists within the investing and financial markets industry. Really useful information to supplement your spread betting and CFD trading, whether you're using technical analysis, fundamental analysis, or high frequency trading.

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