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How to compare spread betting companies

When choosing which spread betting company to use, it is important to realise that there are a number of factors to consider. It is not simply a case of one company being better than the other. A bit like choosing a restaurant, the cheapest doesn’t’ mean the best quality food, and just because your friends highly recommend the local Thai, if you don’t want Thai food, then it’s no good to you.

To help you decide which spread betting provider is best for you, you need to understand what things can actually be different between spread betting companies. We’ve broken this down this into 2 sections:


The key differences between spread betting companies

  1. The Spread
  2. The Margin, minimum deposits, and credit facilities
  3. Account opening offers
  4. Markets offered
  5. Other common differences between spread betting providers


Less well known differences between spread betting firms

  1. Platform performance
  2. Margin calls
  3. Stop loss costs
  4. Financing charges | Interest charges | Rollover policy
  5. Dividend policies
  6. Financial position/Credit rating


Once you have grasped how to compare the key differences between spread betting companies, you might think ‘’that’s all very well, but that will take me ages to compare across the different companies’’. Well don’t worry, just use the menu bar to the left to navigate through the key features of the different spread companies that we've already compared for you. And if you're ever in doubt and are looking for an independent view on things, feel free to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you want to become successful a spread trading, we strongly advise understanding the difference between the spread betting companies offerings, as this really can help you maximise your returns, by ensuring you have the right instruments to suit your needs.

Risk Warning

Online gambling is illegal in some Jurisdictions. It is your responsibility to check your local regulations before gambling online. takes no responsibility for your actions. Please ensure you fully understand the risks of Spread Betting, CFD trading, and Sports betting before you continue. For more information, please read the full risk warning





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