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Which is the Best Spread Betting Company?

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In our Best of the Best Spread betting company summary table, we have summarised some of the stand out spread betting companies in key areas such as who has the lowest spreads and margins? and who has the best sign up offers?

However before you read any further, the 2 key things you need to know about the answer to this question are 1) it depends! and 2) it changes over time.

It depends because there really is no such thing as a generic best spread betting company. It is like saying which is the best shop in a high street. It depends on your own personal taste. Arguably, there is such a thing as a best spread betting company for you, but that doesn't mean it is the spread betting company for everyone else. For example, if you only care about the company with the lowest possible spreads, then the company with the lowest possible spreads is the best for you. However, other people might be interested in the company with the lowest stakes, or the highest margins, or the best sign-up offers, or the best mix of all of these things.

It changes over time because the service offered by the spread betting companies changes over time as they try to out compete each other, and/or increase their own profitability. It also changes over time because you as an investor can change over time. What you were initially interested in when you first started investing might completely change as you learn new investment techniques or your risk appetite changes.

Therefore before you even start comparing spread betting companies, you need to think about what you actually want from your spread betting company, and how you can compare spread betting companies to ensure that you meet these requirements. Some useful spread betting comparison and review articles to read once you've finished this section are:

Risk Warning

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