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Arbers Table Key

It is important to understand the annotations used in this table in order to find it useful. Please review the key below before using:


US - Because of legal issues regarding bookmaking in the US in recent years, the acceptance of US clients by bookmakers is constantly changing. As such, whilst we have annoted bookmakers currently accepting US clients with a check tickwe strongly suggest that you still check with bookmaker first.


Avg Max Bet Range - This is a rough indication of the maximum bet or wager you are most likely to be offered when using this bookmaker. It will vary across different markets, however this will give you an indication of how the bookmaker compares relative to its competitors.

Max Bet – Max bet is an important concept in Sports Arbitrage, as you need to know the maximum amount you can stake on both (all) sides of an arb in order to completely hedge your exposure. Bookmakers have been allocated the following symbols depending on their Max bet rules:

check tick - the bookmaker will clearly indicate what the maximum bet amount is before you submit your betting ticket.

 item no2- means that you will only be told the betting max after you attempt to bet, often only if you go over the limit.

S - they do tell you, but you have to look for it. You will either be told after the first bet submission (not the final verification), or you will have to click on a link to show the bet max, or you will have to find the bet max in a table.

 ? - means we don't know, so please tell us if you do!


Specific Sports Rules

If you are an arber and you are unware of this, you have got a bit more research to do before you arb on the following sports Tennis, Baseball, and NHL. Different bookmakers have different payout rules under certain circumstances, which can cause an apparent arb to actually be exposed to a loss, so you need to be very careful. Fortunately, the key things you need to know are summarised below.

Tennis - This column describes at what point a tennis match must reach before the bet is considered. If a player retires before the allotted time your bets will usually be refunded.

A – A single ball/point must be played in for action.

B – ONE set must be completed.

C – TWO sets must be completed

D – The full match must be completed.

The table below reflects the rules offered by bookmakers at a snapshot in time. You should always double check the rules yourself and we recommend keeping you own log.

Baseball - This is an abbreviation of the 3 standard rules encountered across all bookmakers for how they act when a pitcher is changed before a baseball game:

A is short for action, meaning that all bets will stand even if a pitcher is changed.

L is short for listed, which means that bets will stand only if the listed pitchers start. If either listed pitcher changes before the game, the bets will be refunded.

O is short for one of the listed, meaning that you can nominate one of the listed pitchers who must start in order for your bet to see action. If your chosen pitcher is changed, your bet will be refunded, while if the other pitcher is changed, your bet will stand (however this may alter the odds). If several letters are listed it means you can select.

So A,L,O means the bookmaker allows you to select what type of bet you want.

Ice Hockey

The table summarises the treatment of overtime and shootouts regarding normal win/lose/draw bets with each of the bookmakers. Rules on total goals scored can vary considerably across the bookmakers, and therefore should be reviewed before any such bets are made (note, where variations on these rules apply, additional comment has been made within the table).

N – No overtime or shootouts included

U – Overtime nor shootouts NOT included unless stated

I – Overtime IS included unless otherwise stated

O –Overtime IS included

B – Both overtime and shootouts count

3 - Goals scored during overtime are included for wagers on the game, but are not included on wagers for the 3rd period. If a game requires a shoot-out to determine the winner, one goal will be awarded to the winner for the final score.

Risk Warning

Online gambling is illegal in some Jurisdictions. It is your responsibility to check your local regulations before gambling online. takes no responsibility for your actions. Please ensure you fully understand the risks of Spread Betting, CFD trading, and Sports betting before you continue. For more information, please read the full risk warning





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