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Fantasy football tickers

What are the Fantasy Football tickers?

The purpose of the tickers is to provide statistical information on the goals expected to be scored or the likelihood of a clean sheet for a team, given the upcoming fixtures. In general the tickers and other Fantasy Football information on this site is written with the official FPL game in mind, since this boasts over 2m users.

The tickers review the next 10 fixtures, and then compare the average scored for the first 5 games weeks, the next 5 game weeks, and the combined 10 week average. This information helps you to organise your current team/squad. In addition, for a given game week, if can help you determine which players to include in your starting lineup, or (specific to the FPL game) which players to have as your captain.

How do the alternating tickers work?

In addition, we have created tickers that compare the best score in an individual week for 2 teams. This helps you identify rotation opportunities between certain types of player, such as low budget squad players.

To illustrate, in week 11, Man Utd are expected to score 2 goals versus Man City 1.9, therefore the higher of the 2 scores is the Man Utd 2.

In week 12 however, Man Utd are only expected to score 2.1 goals compared with Man City's 2.4, therefore the higher of the 2 scores is Man City 2.4

The alternating ticker for Man Utd & Man City therefore shows 2 for week 11, and 2.4 for week 12.

Why is this information useful? When selecting your Fantasy football team in the FPL game, captain consideration is a key part of game strategy. Ensuring you have a built a team that has a strong contender for the role of captain each week therefore requires some consideration of the combibned fixture strength of your key players.

 How have the tickers been created? Why should I rely on this information?

The Betting Bible Fantasy Football tickers have been created using a combination of 4000 historical fixture statistics, current bookmaker information, and in-house review of the quality of the 20 premier league teams.

The tickers will never be 100% accurate. There obviously cannot be 2.1 goals in a football game, however the size of the number gives you an indiciation of scale of supremacy of one team over another. The information has been produced in order to help Fantasy Football managers, however you must use the information at your own risk.

What's the difference between the colour ticker and the sortable table?

The colour tables and sortable tables provided for each of the 4 categories contain the same information. The colour tables help illustrate visually where the key fixture strength lies, whereas the sortable table enables you to filter the table for the various gameweeks.

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